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Welcome to My Blog

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Veronica Mackey, and I’ve been writing since I was 9. My writing has taken many forms over the years–poetry, news stories, features, PR, marketing, proposals, and books. So look around, check out my portfolio, projects, clients and services.  You can email me at  veronica@veronicamackey.com.

How I Roll…

Promote, inspire, move people to action. This is the thrust of my writing, and why I do what I do. There’s no greater thrill for me than sharing thoughts and feelings, connecting them in a way that resonates in the hearts and minds of my readers.

And to do that on behalf of my clients, in a way that gets their audience to respond favorably, is indeed an honor. That said, I am at your service. My writing is welcoming. It pulls people in. And that really is the point, isn’t it?

As an entrepreneur, I am equally passionate about selling products and services as I am about creating great copy. I can write and sell, and because I think like a business person–not just a scribe–I am constantly thinking of ways to profitably market your message to the masses.

What I Do…

News and feature articles
Marketing materials
Media campaigns
Website content
Social media posting and blogging
PR/Event planning
Marketing and business development

Where I’ve Been…

My work has appeared in print, Internet and broadcast media. I have written numerous articles, supervised a staff of writers, launched national multimedia campaigns and given talks on health, spiritual development, entrepreneurship, personal finance and networking.

As Editor of InglewoodToday.com,  I had my hands on the pulse of news in Inglewood, CA for nearly 20 years.  The experience put me in close contact with local businesses and government, and gave me an insider’s view of how they work.  It soon opened up opportunities for me as a copywriter.

Knowing what editors want and how they work gave me the advantage in securing media opportunities/  My clients have appeared or were mentioned on major media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, CNN, NPR, Clear Channel, Radio-One, L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, Miami Herald, St. Louis Dispatch, Dallas Morning News, and the Chicago Tribune.

Great writing can open the door to a world of opportunity, but nothing closes a deal like meeting face-to-face.  That’s why I’ve expanded my business to include live networking. Konnectory  is a B2B matchmaking firm that brings entrepreneurs together with their ideal customers through personal introductions, referrals and target audience events.

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it (:  For insight into my life and values, check out  30 Days in September:  How to Master Life’s Tests or click here.  It’s my personal journal and self-help guide to intentional living.