Copy for an advertorial advertising a new brain boosting supplement.

Brandon- Memory Ad


You Have the P.O.W.E.R!

Wrote a grant proposal for a public awareness campaign on renewable energy on behalf of Stop the Violence-Increase the Peace Foundation.  Proposal was  aimed at raising awareness of the severity of California’s energy crisis and offering ways to reduce energy consumption and costs. Stop the Violence-Increase the Peace Foundation proposed to reach Southern California energy consumers through targeted advertising, marketing materials and community events.

POWER Proposal0001

Product Descriptions

Wrote product descriptions for RightStart.com, online retailer for baby products.   Item categories include accessories, toys, furniture, equipment, and bath items.

Product Descriptions

Product Brochure

Wrote brochure copy for Kiosy Health Supplements called “29 Herbs and Spices to Boost Your Health”


Kiosy29Herbs pg.10001

Invitation Letter

Letter inviting mental health professionals to speak at a conference organized by relationship expert Dr. Tapo Chimbganda.

Tapo Panelist Invitation

Tapo couple’s open house(1)


Article for Medical Journal

Edited article that was later published on Appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com.  Article makes a case for increased participation of minorities in clinical trials. Written by Patricia Sanders, Executive Director of 50 Hoops, a health advocacy group in Dallas, TX.  See Page 42.

Minorities and Clinical Trial Inclusion


Sales Flyers

Online Branding

Speaking Opportunities

Classified Ads

Sample ads posted to Craigslist.

Craigslist Posts by Veronica Mackey

Full list of Craigslist posts

Craigslist Posts0001


Online Content 

How to Create Content that Gets Results.

Dull content can cause you to miss out on opportunities you’ll never know about.  Here’s how to get and keep the attention of your audience, and get the results you want.   This article appeared in WriterAccess.com

Download article

How to Sell Without Selling

Download article


Here are samples of some of my best articles.  Topics include personal development,  health, beauty, career, entertainment, politics, economy, and personal finance.

Personal Development/Spiritual:

Healing for the Walking Wounded

Make the body-mind connection.  Change your thoughts and improve your health.

Download Article

Cures for the Mid-Year Resolution Breakdown

Are you in a mid-year slump?  Do you feel your New Year’s resolutions slipping away?  There is still time to redeem yourself.  Here’s how.

Download Article


Black, Beautiful and Obese

To what extent should obesity be addressed by the black church?  Feature article for Family Health Guide.
Download Article

The Skinny on Cellulite Treatments   
Pills and creams don’t work on cellulite.  Here is something that does.  Feature article for Family Health Guide.
Download Article


    Follow-Up:  Why its the Most Effective Strategy for Sustained Results     

Starbucks’ one day storewide diversity training cost the company $12 million. But will it reap the benefits with training alone?  Article, by international business  advisor Carl Gould, was edited and ghostwritten.

Download Article

How to be Gainfully Unemployed

Uncover the hidden job sabotages that are keeping you from the job you want.

Download Article

10 Good Reasons to Become a Virtual Assistant  

Can you say freedom?  That’s just one reason why the virtual assistant industry is growing by leaps.  Here are 10 reasons to consider this work-at-home  job opportunity. Top 10 list published in the www.virtualassistants.com newsletter.

Download Article

Bring a Positive Mindset to Your Next Interview
Being confident in a job interview is just as important as your qualifications–maybe more.  How-to tips revealed in the Lovick Career Journal (www.LovickCareer.com)
Download Article


‘Django’  Slave Dolls Fuel Controversy
Is ‘Django’ a brilliant spaghetti western, or does it trivialize slavery?  News article for
Inglewood Today Weekly (www.inglewoodtoday.com).
Download Article


Obama for a Miracle
The election of Barack Obama was more than historic–it was miraculous!  News article for Inglewood Today Weekly (www.inglewoodtoday.com).
Download Article


Shift Toward Gold is Growing
Protect the future of your money with solid gold.  Investigative report for Inglewood Today Weekly (www.inglewoodtoday.com).
Download Article

Use Your Consumer Power
It’s still a buyer’s market on nearly everything.   Investigative report for Inglewood Today Weekly (www.inglewoodtoday.com),

Download Article

Making Money in a ‘Jobless Economy’
Work is one thing.  Income is another. Feature article for Inglewood Today Weekly
Download Article

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary
Scared of asking your boss for a raise?  A bad economy is all the more reason you should ask.  How-to article for Lovick Career Journal (www.LovickCareer.com).
Download Article


Media Consulting & Public Relations 

50 Hoops 

Successfully secured media coverage, interviews and on-air mentions for 50 Hoops,  a national nonprofit devoted to health education and free screenings in underserved communities.  Target audience is African American Baby Boomers.

Responsible for creating local and national promotions, coordinating events, generating publicity, negotiating advertising rates, developing marketing materials, producing audio PSAs, appearing on talk shows, media liaison and follow up.  Major television/radio networks and newspapers include: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, CNN, NPR, Clear Channel, Radio-One, L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, Miami Herald, St. Louis Dispatch, Dallas Morning News, and Chicago Tribune.

Press Release – Initiative for Baby Boomer Health

AACT Press Release0001

50 Hoops Yearbook – Contains various health initiatives and events which I helped coordinate, publicize and recruit speakers for, including  Clinical Trials for African Americans and Community Advocacy Matchmaking (Networking Physicians to Community Health Providers).

Download Electronic Yearbook

Hired to plan and publicize “A Better Life” Health Forum & Fair at New Life Christian Center in Los Angeles.  Sold sponsorships, secured speakers and gift donors including Molina Healthcare,  Los Angeles Dodgers, L.A. Galaxy (Soccer), Los Angeles Sparks, and Alexander Orthopaedic Lab. Appeared on CBS Radio in Los Angeles to promote the event.

Press release for James Gavsie, author of  Renegade’s Guide to Stopping Bullies.

James Gavsie Press ReleaseRev



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